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16.05.13 Band

First up we have a Swedish reviewer.
Read the review here!
(I don't think they really liked it...)

Here's one from Punkrocktheory.com.
Read the Review here! 

This one, from Razorcake.org is so funny it needs to be here in the new article:

"I’m not familiar enough with the Murphy’s Law catalog to know if they ever released a record entitled “Future Idiots,” but this is Scandinavian Fat Wreck kinda music, where it sounds like they spent about four paychecks and a ruby on the drum sound alone, which sounds like a very well-miked basketball, which I can’t stand. I hate to break it to ya, but if you think this is a cool drum sound, there ain’t no “Future” component to the Idiocy, if you huff what the Rev is farting. Only two songs out of eleven are under three minutes in length; two also exceed four minutes. Again, if you think pop punk is constructed around creating three-and-a-half-minute songs, you are not only completely clueless about how the physics of your chosen socio-acoustic milieu operates, but you’ve also severely and repeatedly overestimated your ability to hold the listener’s interest. I fuckin’ hate records like this. However, you all seem like cool guys, so we should hang out some time. BEST SONG: “Stranglehold,” although I admit I did not listen to it. BEST SONG TITLE: “This Isn’t D&D,” although it might as well be. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: My local record store won’t buy any CDs that don’t have UPC symbols, so I owe you guys a classy solid. ­ –Rev. Norb"
You can find the review here!

May 7th: Release show + music video premiere

16.04.18 Band

Hemsida Nyhet Releaseshow

Saturday, May 7th, at Norrehus in Klippan.
Doors open 19.00 and the venue have room for 50 dining guests. Visit Norrehus website
to get tickets and book a table for a tasty dinner!


The band will play two sets during the night and also show their brand new music video that will be official on youtube - May 10th. The new vinyl and cd "Murphy's Law" and lots of new t-shirts and tanks will be available in the merch.

Grand Theft Audio III: Future Idiots!

16.03.15 Band

Today the 3rd piece in the series premiere on a lot of download sites and streaming services. The recording of this album started during autumn 2015 as a result of the pledge campaign for the Murphy's Law album coming up May 10th! During the campaign a lot of song request came in, witch led into the making of this cover album.

Find the album on the following pages:
iTunesCD BabySpotifybandcamp 

GTA III Cover Art 463x 463