Unwrap My Package

12.12.18 Band

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Unwrap My Package is a Christmas album that can be described as shameless, adolescent and regressive. At least that's what the reviewers like to call it. I personally like to define the album as Holiday spirit with a hard-on. 

If that doesn't adequately detail the album enough for you. Let me explain it this way. Nearly every band that's around long enough will inevitably try and take a stab at covering popular Christmas carols. Well, this EP goes a slightly different route. Instead of covering the standard Jingle Bells-like fare, it contains original holiday material like 'Virginity For Christmas' and 'Unwrap My Package'. A double whammy of originality that's just bound to entertain and unite families for generations to come. 

These original holiday contributions are blessedly mixed with a handful of cover songs that were performed by musical legends like Blink 182, The Ramones and NOFX. 

In other words, it's a Punk Rock Christmas.

Post about "Neighborhoods & Morningwoods"

12.12.15 Band

It's time to sum up some of the post so far about the "Morningwoods" album. The response has been outrageous and we never intended to offend somebody with our work. It's amazing that this record became such a big deal to that many people. Except for a couple of hate mails, it has been overwhelmingly good reviews.

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Neighborhoods & Morningwoods

12.10.28 Band

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The songs on this record consist of the entire Blink-182 album 'Neighborhoods'. The reason behind recording this album was to demonstrate how the original record could have have sounded if it was recorded 10-15 years ago. That's not a slight towards Blink-182 either. The fact that fans were disappointed with Blink's latest album shows the kind of high standards that the Future Idiots and the fans hold the legendary trio to.

We want to make it absolutely clear that this isn't an attempt to one-up somebody else's material. It's an attempt to make Mark, Tom and Travis proud by putting out an old-school Blink performance that even they and their fans can appreciate.

Future Idiots to Tivolirock 2012!

12.05.24 Band

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We're glad to announce that the Idiots will be playing at the annual festival in Kristianstad (SE), Tivolirock! We'll be teaming up with D-A-D, Mustasch, Skitarg and a couple of other bands TBA.

Visit the official website HERE or click the image.
Buy tickets HERE!

Destination: Norway

12.04.05 Band

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* June 23rd we'll be taking on Norway at Spill og Grill! festival in Halden! More info TBA at the "live" section on the site later.

* May 5th we'll be doing an accoustic gig in our hometown, Klippan.

New Live dates!

12.02.07 Band

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The live shows for 2012 are beeing booked right now, and we're stoked to hit the road after several months in the studio!

10/2 The Tivoli - Helsingborg.
23/2 Barbacka Kulturhus, Kristianstad.
28/4 Best Western Hotell, Klippan.